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This fresh, nubile and tone gay boy shows up at a studio for a gaycasting session and gets more than he bargained for. The good looking muscle bound casting director is ready with his video camera and photo camera to see what this young stud can do. It seems strange at first that the guy has his shirt off, but this boy wants the part. The boy is nervous at first, but his dick starts to get hard during the session. Seeing his opportunity, the casting director gets the real gaycasting underway by filling the boy’s tender young asshole with his massive cock.

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This tall gay guy is a total free spirit and isn’t shy in this gay casting at all. He will fuck anytime, anywhere. He is a total pro when it comes to blowing the interviewer. He shoves his cock deep in this throat while jerking himself off at the same time. The interviewer slathers lube all over his cock and shoves it deep inside his asshole. The interviewer orders him to do whatever positions he wants to do and he goes along with it. He doesn’t even get a chance to cum before the interviewer rushes him out because his next appointment has arrived.

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This hottie comes in for a gay casting and sucks the interviewer’s dick but can’t deep throat it because it’s too big. He gags on its length. He doesn’t want to fuck him until he gets paid a large amount of money but the interviewers says the producers will see the video faster if he does. He jerks himself off while he sucks the interviewers cock so that he has something sexy to look at while he’s getting sucked. He isn’t ready to take it in the ass yet, but he jerks himself off like a mad man until he cums.

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Lucas saw a posting for nude modeling so he comes in for an interview. He looks a little reserved but after a while he warms up. He has a nice toned body and a cute face. His cock is 8 inches of pure meat. He shows the interviewer his cock sucking skills and definitely is not shy in the gay sex department. He bends over and lets the interviewer have sex with him. His ass is tight and they are both moaning like crazy. They both end up sitting side by side and jerk themselves off and shoot cum all over themselves.

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Scotty's Gay Porn Audition

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Scotty comes in and gets casted for gay porn although he is engaged to be married to a Latina chick. The interviewer checks out his hot body. He tries to feel his muscles which Scotty is fine with but when he tries to touch his cock he tells him to stop. They lead him to the bedroom where he does a hot solo scene with himself and jerks off. He lets the interviewer feel him up a bit while he’s fucking himself because he gets so into it. He then gets ready for the big finish and gives a huge cumshot for the camera.

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A juicy plump asshole that is super tight deserves to be violated on a gay casting couch. No matter how many gay porn castings go on around, the perfect ass is eager to please and show everyone that no matter how large a cock is, nothing is a match for fucking that ass. Never forget the throat, because the deeper that large cock goes, the harder it can skull fuck that cock. Cum is the goal, a mouthful of cum.

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Spreading of ass, bend over now, and suck this cock! What a great description of the hottest gay casting couch ever! Anything goes on this naughty couch, including sucking and fucking of the tightest assholes. Cum is never an issue, and the true slut in every gay porn star is about to come out. Fuck me in my ass is going to be a very frequently used phrase. Along with the visual of tight assholes being plunged into with nothing but pleasure.

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Being a porn director can be so rewarding, but being a porn director for gay porn can be the ultimate. Trying to find the perfect tight ass for this hot gay porn casting couch is nothing but a good fucking time. Never forgetting to neglect a deep throat as a big cock plunges deep into a throat that isn’t used to the harsh force. Who can miss all the cum dripping from the cheek of the used participate trying to be the next new gay porn star?

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Cum dripping from his hot little face, the gay casting couch just got even better. Trying out to be in a gay movie is something every horny boy wants to achieve. Trying out for the hottest newbie gay porn casting video is going to be the ultimate show down in which porn star can truly take the cock. Spread those cheeks wide open and get ready for a nice thick rod to plummet into a tight asshole. No one will ever forget this dirty couch.

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A sexy Latino walks in to get casted into gay porn. He admits that he loves ass and the doggy style position. They want a good idea of how big his cock is so the interviewer watches him jack off a bit before joining in using his mouth.  This puts a smile on his face and now he’s really into this gay casting. They both fuck each other senseless in the front of the camera, and then the interviewer cums all over the Latino’s pretty face. See more hot GayCastings today!